Reading for Wellbeing – Evaluation of the BSMHFT Reading for Well Being Contract in Acute Settings


Patient Comments

  • It’s passed an hour away. To us it’s a life time. It gets you thinking
  • My heart is racing all the time, but here it slows down
  • The sound of (the facilitator’s) voice helps me relax
  • We are more animated . I never had any confidence, I was always shy, but I speak up here
  • I feel better when I try and concentrate
  • I see this group as part of my treatment. I stay at home all day. I could be Miss Havisham
  • I was going to go shopping but this is much better than shopping! It’s cleared my head
  • It’s so important to have something to get up for. It structures your week
  • Listening to stories together: That’s Equality, liberty, brotherhood!

Staff Comments

  • We’ve noticed a real change in Mary (not her real name) since you started the reading group.. particularly significant as she can’t read or write
  • This session is far more popular than we anticipated
  • The attendance has doubled since you started
  • The patients are really enjoying it
  • Staff fight over who will join the group each week