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Resto a Carlino Newspaper Article

In a well known Italian regional newspaper Resto a Carlino – please see the headline which says: “Relatives find letters of courtship from a POW to their grandmother after 70 years… The Director- Polly wants to transform the story into a play!” It was also on a placard outside the Tabaccio: “Woman who has found […]

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Polly’s Blog on Gualtiero Lenz – 05/10/16

CELEBRATING A STORY OF WW2 INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP IN THE WAKE OF BREXIT!Polly Wright, artistic director of Hearth is on a mission to discover more about Gualtiero Lenzi- ex POW who worked on her grandparents’ farm in WW2- and who wrote warmly to her grandmother after the war. She has been in communication with his eldest […]

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