The Grief Butterfly

The Grief Butterfly

In the big forest there was a happy family far away from problems.

They were really happy together.

They were always joking and close with their friends but when the dark day came, the big and beautiful forest was burned and they couldn’t live there anymore.

They had to move from there and find another place to live a new and happy life. It was so sad to leave that place where they had been living there for a long time.

It was really hard for them.

They left together and they knew the way would be so hard with darkness everywhere.

They promised each other to fly together and find a new place to live, but when the storm came he took one of butterflies with him and threw him away from his family.

The storm was so unfair that he broke a wing of the butterfly.

Now the butterfly is so lonely and sad and afraid.

He was still trying to fly because he is alive but he’s dead on the inside.

The grief butterfly found a place for himself to live but he was still thinking about his family.

Where are they?

Are they okay?

What’s happening to them?

Many things and too many questions. In real life, he’s trying to find them but in his heart he made a small forest for himself and his family to live. 

By Mohammed, 18, originally from Iraq

Animation by Cardboard Zebra Creative and Hope & Mania