Films and Podcasts

Film and Podcasts

These following are films either written and produced by the HEARTH Centre or in association with the HEARTH Centre. You can also access them via the HEARTH Centre's Youtube Channel.

My City My Home Podcast

The project My City My Home was a creative writing competition run by SAMPAD in Birmingham, UK open to women either from or with a connection to Birmingham, Pakistan or Bangladesh. The project was part of a groundbreaking three year programme to establish Birmingham as a global centre for contemporary arts from Pakistan or Bangladesh. The programme was supported by the Arts Council, the British Council and Birmingham City Council.

This podcast contains extracts from some of the successful English entries including Famous Yellow Sweater by Llikra Chakravarty Mandel. 


The podcast was facilitated by Polly Wright, Director of The Hearth Centre and produced by Cardboard Zebra Creative

The book My City My Home can be purchased directly from SAMPAD

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Tales of Lockdown 2020

The Grief Butterfly: Part of The Tales of Lockdown Project

'For Aisha' follows the life of a young Pakistan woman facing the struggles of motherhood during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Shaadi Mubarak follows the struggles of a young Indian woman trying to plan her wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Naughty Cupboard

Decamazoom By The Writers Reading Group

Frania and Stefan: The moving and inspiring story of Terenia Dickenson’s parents, told by their daughter Terenia Dickenson.

Other films

Friends of Enemies Trailer (2019)

Anti Depressants without the Side Effects (2017)

Unsent Letters (2014)

Up a Gum Tree: A play about risk (2018)

Nuts and Seeds: A play about risk (2018)

The Devil's PriceA play about risk (2018)