The Hearth Centre is a centre for Health, Education and the Humanities with Art at the Heart. Hearth uses the arts to animate key issues in mental health, social care and the humanities, and promote well being - which we do through theatre productions and literary events and courses.

The Return of Poem in Your Pocket for the 2021 Bedlam Arts and Mental Health Festival: 12th to the 21st November 2021 

Does enjoyment of a good read and beautiful poetry improve your well being? Do you find that sharing the appreciation through reading aloud increases your mental well being?

Polly Wright and friends invite you to an evening of shared poetry and stories which will lift your spirits and reduce stress.  

For more information about the Bedlam Festival 2021 click here

Reading for Well Being sessions

Polly Wright, artistic director of the Hearth Centre is running Reading for Well Being sessions at the MAC- starting on September 17th.

Reading for well being is a shared reading approach in which short stories and poems are read aloud and the enjoyment is shared. Click here for details

Hurry, Hurry Hurry

Sign up for the autumn Writers’ Reading Group in association with MAC Birmingham. . Starts next term on September 15th.

Click here for details