Seagulls in Sparkhill

Seagulls in Sparkhill - 12/03/15

Based on the story published within the Tindal Street Fiction Group's 'The Sea in Birmingham'...

When Jaz spots a new girl in her therapy group she is immediately fascinated by her. Not only because she hasn’t seen her before, but because Philomena looks like a famous singer - although other people in her group can’t see it. Jaz is lonely in the Mental Health Centre, and is missing her son, so she’s glad to find someone who might be her friend, even though she’s a bit eccentric. It turns out that Philomena has lost her child too- so they have lots to share.

But there are lots of mysterious things about Phil’s behaviour…She says she hasn’t been in the Centre before, but seems to know where everything is- and who everyone is- including Jaz’s key worker- Mary O’Shea…

Based on a story by Polly Wright , Seagulls in Sparkhill explores themes of loss and mental distress- and always having the feeling that you’re far from home- like the flocks of seagulls in the park.

The script of Seagulls in Sparkhill was developed from a short story by Polly Wright with Newman University drama students.

Cast Jasmine - Katrina Jan Philomena - Lauren McLean Mary - Vicky Pritchard Sam - Hollie Wynde Harinder - Hermione Sethi

Support Stage Manager - Josh Allerton Props/costumes - Emma Thompson Sound - Duncan Grimley

Directors Hollie Wynde Vicky Pritchard Polly Wright

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