The first atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima, led to the end of world

war 2, celebrations for the victors, mass grief in Japan, mass mourn-

ings along borders everywhere. Doris Day sang Sentimental Journey 

to Big Band sounds while British troops liberated prisoners in Bergen-

Belsen concentration camp and Mary Lindell, nurse and resistance worker,

imprisoned in Ravensbruck (another concentration camp) led women 

onto Swedish White Buses to what they (and we) hoped  was recovery.

Helen Mirren and Bob Marley were born. Percy LeBaron Spence invented

 the microwave. Meat, jam, biscuits, cheese eggs, milk, and dried fruit

were still rationed and in towns and cities people grew vegetables 

on allotments. In the countryside people had always grown their own. 

The school leaving age was 15. Animal Farm was published. It warned 

of the danger of men in power; it warned to be free, equal and happy 

is elusive if not impossible. Just when we needed hope.

Marg Roberts

(18th June 2020)

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