A Window into Marshall’s Lockdown

A Window into Marshall’s Lockdown

Marshall (not his real name), 21, Wolverhampton, originally from Iraqi Kurdistan  

Unknown Garden .... I always wanted that when I start writing I wish I never stopped, so I write every single word coming across my mind and my life. We were in quarantine due to Coronavirus, it was getting worse day after day and yet we all were praying for the best for all Human Beings.

Sitting in a beautiful garden like this makes you think about everything. It makes you feel grateful that you still alive and breathing this Clean and Nice Smelling air.

It wasn’t supposed to be like that: quiet and empty of people but unfortunately it was. Can you believe we all been jailed in our own houses?

Suddenly when I was writing I heard a sad loud voice of a half-century-age homeless man singing and talking to himself. I wasn’t paying attention to him until I heard him saying “One day your worst enemy will become your best friend”. Beings: the wisest creatures on planet Earth. We know that we lost countless souls that they could have changed Life to a better place. Like we say and we should believe:  It is never too late to do good. Hopefully the remaining Human Souls will remember what happened in 2020. Stay close to your family your friends and all the people around you. Share and Care to anyone who is in need; you never know, you may receive it back someday....

A big fat silence everywhere around me. This two metres Social Distancing made us not only Safe but also made us Miss everything around us... Unfortunately most of us don’t appreciate this life, this beauty of Human.