Sensing a change,

they wander into town.

In ones and twos they roam

down from the Great Orme

and into the deserted streets.

They re-group in Trinity Square 

and confidently now, parade down

Mostyn Street, window shop as they go 

before taking a nap in the churchyard.

This is their territory now.

In a far away market

an abomination, 

animals as commodities,

captured, packed into cages,

pitifully they watch and await

their cruel fate.  And so

the medieval trade continued,

as a virus jumped species.

Warnings went unheeded

and lessons were not learnt.

Nature is returning

to cities around the world,

the animals converging.

This is their territory now.

People have vanished,

transport halted,

an eerie stillness

hangs over all.

We stay home and wait,

we’re in our cages now.

Vivien Foulkes-James 2020