The Extroverted Introvert

The Extroverted Introvert

The extroverted introvert who lived all on his own

Had always said it made more sense for him to be alone

He socialised enough to get the contact he desired

But when the socialising stopped, he started to feel tired.

The extroverted introvert had always been okay

He recharged by himself then sought engagement in the day

He used his space to spread his wings, felt happy to be free

But when the space was all he had, he craved some company

The extroverted introvert stood by the choice he chose

This might have all been worse with someone treading on his toes

And in the end he knew this time was only temporary

But sometimes in the night, the length of time could seem quite scary

The extroverted introvert knew others had it worse

Particularly those for whom the company’s a curse

And what a blessing to be free to sometimes just be lazy

But when that freedom got too much, he started to go crazy 

The extroverted introvert who loved to pace and sing

Loved being without anyone to find him annoying 

But when that became all he knew, he felt a small regret

That he didn’t have a fellow singer, for just one duet 

The extroverted introvert tried not to feel despair

Or that this whole scenario had all been quite unfair

That others still had loved ones, or a garden, or just chat

While he spoke through a laptop, feeling lucky to have that. 

He refused to feel pitied, he was stubborn and resilient

He knew his mood was prone to swings, and soon he’d feel brilliant,

He refused to take the News to heart, dramatic as it seems,

He refused to feel dejected when he woke up from his dreams.

For he knew when this was over he’d appreciate it more

He’d never dismiss company like he’d have done before

He thought ‘I hope I mean that’ as he typed it on his phone

The extroverted introvert, who had to stay alone.

Jamie Wright

Jamie lives in London where he works for a theatre ticketing company. He loves writing in his spare time, and has spent some of his lockdown life at home alone thinking about themes of loneliness, togetherness and ultimately hope