For the Last Thirty Years, 9th – 11th October!

Polly Wright, the Artistic Director of the Hearth Centre has co-written For the Last Thirty Years with Women and Theatre which will be on at the Bham Rep from Oct 9-11th this autumn.

Polly Wright was a founder member of Women and Theatre in 1984, with Janice Connolly, and is very well placed to write a monologue which celebrates the history of Women and Theatre’s work in the health sector and reflects on all the changes which have occurred for women working in the NHS for the last 30 years. The performance features long time colleagues of Polly’s- Janice Connolly, aka Barbara Nice, and Lorna Laidlaw– aka Mrs Tembe in Doctors .

Hearth is currently producing Lorna Laidlaw’s play Other – which will also be staged at the Birmingham Rep on October 17th in the Door. ( please check the Rep’s website for the ticket sale announcement.)
After 30 years will be followed by a post show discussion on the whole theme of women in theatre on Friday Oct 10th.