Two of the patients in my room were put onto trolleys and taken out, and then two more women wheeled in. 

“This is now a Coronavirus ward,” said Susan. 

Alys Morgan was admitted to hospital on the 19th of April, with an unexplained sickness which had rendered her too weak to move. The next day she was diagnosed with Covid-19 – though her symptoms were even less familiar to staff than the virus itself. 

This is one woman’s account of a pandemic no-one seemed prepared for – from the bed of a North-Wales hospital struggling to care for its multiplying patients. It’s a story of mothers and daughters, isolation and survival, love and loss. But most of all, it’s a testament to everything we owe those providing care – and comfort – on the new front line. 

Alys Morgan grew up in the West Midlands, and like many people from that area, has English, Welsh and Irish ancestry. She returned to live in north Wales when she married, and writes under a pen name reflecting her Welsher roots. She is a retired teacher and librarian who lives in North Wales, and enjoys reading, writing and walking. A survivor of Covid, she considers she owes everything to NHS Wales and Mind, who cured her body and soul. This book is a love letter to both of them. 

“When we read Alys’s account of the experience of having Covid 19, and also her treatment in hospital, we were in no doubt that we wanted to include it on our Tales of Lockdown blog. ( 

“Alys’s lucid prose gives the reader a real sense of the disease- and has you hanging on the edge of your seat, willing her to pull through! I would strongly recommend it to anyone if they are in any doubt as to the huge impact of the virus on physical and mental health.” 

Polly Wright, Artistic Director of The Hearth Centre

“Relatable and real, a true patient experience in the modern NHS. If everyone read this account, I think the world would be a better place.” Junior Doctor, NHS Wales 

“A window into the work we do - and heart-warming proof of why we do it.” Senior Staff Nurse, NHS Wales

“A very powerful, absorbing and moving read. Brilliant.” Counsellor, Conwy Mind 

“ This is an important book, exploring the human experience of illness in the realities of the first wave of the COVID pandemic. A close examination of the kindness of others, the cruelty of death and the bigger picture. It is true to life and often brutally honest about the working conditions in the modern NHS. It is inspiring and thought provoking; to shine a light of those who make the NHS work and how in the worst of circumstances often the best of us come to the forefront, only to realise they were there all along.” Junior Doctor, NHS Wales

“This is an honest and emotional account of the realities of having COVID-19. It illustrates clearly not only the physical impact but the trauma and emotional impact too. This is hugely relatable if you have been through this, and a moving insight if you haven’t. It shows how the committed care of others, personal strength and hope make recovery possible.” Counsellor, Mind 

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