Booker Prize

Breaking News! The Writers’ Reading Group has been selected to shadow the Booker Prize again for the third time!! We shadowed the International Booker and the Booker in 2018- and absolutely loved reading Vernon Subutex by Virginie Despentes and The Long Take by Robin Robertson- and now we can’t wait to rise to the challenge of This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga. At the moment we’re waiting with great excitement for the delivery of 10 copies of the book. Click here for more information

Set in Harare, Zimbabwe, the third in a trilogy, where Tsitsi returns to the story of Tambu whom readers encountered in her first highly praised book- Nervous Conditions. This Mournable Body looks fascinating- but the life of the author is just as dramatic, as she was arrested for taking part on a peaceful demonstration-in Harare and she was due in court on the day of the Booker shortlisting announcement!

After we have got our hands on the books- and  read them, we’ll all write independent reviews and have a Zoom discussion, which will , of course, be heated and passionate and will be recorded for posterity!  The announcement of the winner will be on November 17th!

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