Oct 3rd Unsent Letters at the Foyle Studio

On the 3rd October there will a performance of Unsent Letters at the Foyle Studio, the MAC, Birmingham from 6.30-9.00

Unsent Letters is a one woman play which tells the story of Peggy and her son Bradley. Peggy was sectioned under the Mental Health Act and detained in a forensic mental health unit in her early twenties. Thirteen years later she is still there and her son has been adopted. How could we have prevented this from happening?

The Unsent Letters theatre programme includes:

 • Presentations from guest speakers: Gregor Henderson, PHE National Director for Wellbeing and Mental Health, John Short Chief Executive for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and Representation from WM Police and Crime unit.

• A forty minute professional play followed by…
• An interactive drama based programme in which the Hearth team explore how people like Peggy and her son can be supported in the community to live healthy and independent lives. 

Book your place by contacting rachel_allchurch@sandwell.gov.uk

This performance of unsent Letters is brought to you by the HEARTH Centre in collaboration with Public Health England, Learning for Public Health and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

 Unsent Letters Flyer