Poem in Your pocket at the Bedlam Festival: 16th November 2021

The Return of Poem in Your Pocket 

Does enjoyment of a good read and beautiful poetry improve your well being? Do you find that sharing the appreciation through reading  aloud increases your mental well being?

Polly Wright and friends invite you to an evening of shared poetry and stories which will lift your spirits and reduce stress.  We have done Poem in Your pocket sessions before, but this time it will be very special, as we emerge from our Year of Zoom and can celebrate the opportunity to share in person our experiences of the extra-ordinary times we have just lived through.

The Poem in Your Pocket team will be reading our chosen pieces aloud in the first half of the evening- but we will dedicate the second half to an “open mic” session where we people can read the poems and stories  they have brought along in their pockets for sharing.

The Bedlam Festival will be held at the Hexagon Theatre at the Midlands Arts Centre. November 16th 2021. Watch this space for more details

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